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1 Book & 10 Graphic Novels

I have read a lot this week, but it has mainly been graphic novels.

Graphic Novels are great, but I think that I need to be able to read more books and kind of cool it on the graphic novels.  Maybe I should get into novellas to see how that goes.

I am not saying that I am not going to be reading any graphic novels again at all it is just that I have spent so much time working on getting so many different books read just to get that number up that I don’t think I have considered the quality of what I have been reading.

I am just more concerned about that number.  If it doesn’t matter what that number is, to be honest, I could be reading 100 books in a year but if I am only really comprehending about 30 of them then I only read about 30 books that year.

I want to be reading good quality books and not just reading to be reading.

I plan on reading more books this next week, mainly focusing on my Book of the Month books that I have received but have not read yet. I do have about 5 of them that I do need to be reading which does seem like a lot and trust me it is, but I know that they are good quality books that I will enjoy.

Nothing is better than cracking the spine of a new book and the smell of a newly published book is wonderful as well.

I am happy that I have some books to take to the mini library now, I am not too sure when the next time I will be going to a mini library but when I do, I will have 2 child graphic novels for them.  I do have some books that I think I can get rid of to go to another one, but we will have to see.

I am excited that I have read a lot this week and I would have never anticipated that I would have read 11 items this week but here we are!  The point is to keep reading every single day and I think that I have done that.


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