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2 Books, 1 Novella & 13 Graphic Novels!

This week I have been productive in the way of reading.  I have read 16 books this week but they haven’t all been novels. 

What I have read this weekend…..

Adult Fiction

  1. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

  2. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck



1.      Taking the Titanic by James Patterson and Scott Slaven


Graphic Novel

  1. Star Wars Thrawn by Jody Houser

  2. Star Wars Dark Droids D-Squad by Marc Guggenheim

  3. Star Wars Han Solo & Chewbacca The Crystal Run Part One by Marc Guggenheim

  4. DC Secret Hero Society: Field Trip Disaster by Derek Fridolfs and Dave Bardin

  5. DC Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice by Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen

  6. Lunch Lady and the Bake Sale Bandit by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

  7. Lunch Lady and the Schoolwide Scuffle by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

  8. Babymouse: Heartbreaker by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

  9. Babymouse: The Musical by Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

  10. Paranorthern and the Chaos Bunny A-Hop-Calypse by Stephanie Cooke

  11. Dog Night at the Story Zoo by Dan Bar-el

  12. The Creeps: Night of the Frankenfrogs by Chris Schweizer

  13. The Popularity Papers by Amy Ignatow


I have read a lot but most of the graphic novels I read yesterday.  I ended up borrowing most of these books from the amazing library.  I am happy that I have the time and energy to read and film them all to let you know what is good and bad.  I didn’t think that I would like to read graphic novels but I do.  I am going to check out some Magna books and not just the Pokemon ones!

I have also picked up junior novels from the bookstore while I was there which I plan on reading this week as well as my last book that I got from the library last week.   I have lots to be thankful for when it comes to reading and the fact that I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have read a bunch of books that I wouldn’t have otherwise read in the past.

I am looking forward to my next week's vlog as it will be 1 year since I started vlogging so it will be a monumentous occastion for sure!


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