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2 Books Read….

I have read 2 books this week, but I planned to read closer to 4.  I am hoping that I can finish reading all my thrillers this week.  I plan to read 4 books this week.  I guess I am just trying to double things.

Last week I read 1 book, this week I read 2 books so next week I must read 4 books then the week after I must read 8.  This is going to get out of hand quite quickly, but I know I can do it, especially with reading graphic novels, junior fiction, and novellas. 

This is my hack for reading a lot, just read a bunch of short-form content.

The books I have read this week have been 2 adult fiction and are

  1. The Last House Guest by Megan Miranda

  2. Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood


I feel that I do need to read more books and I would just like to extend my attention span and to improve my memory so I would like to read more books as I think that is the best way to do that.


Reading is the best thing that you can do to improve memory and attention span which is why I do need to do it more often.


I might be getting more books next week from a friend to borrow which is going to be nice.  I think I will enjoy reading the books that she is going to give me.  I am not too sure about all the books that she is going to bring me, but I know that there is going to be a few of them.


I have been meaning to do more reading this week, but I have been distracted by my laziness.  I intend to be much more productive this week and to read more.  I have more time this week to be able to read so I need to take more advantage of reading.


I feel like I should be able to read 2 novels a week which is great and is a good aim for me to do.  Reading is best and good for me and for you!


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