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2 Books Read and 7 New Books

Am I bringing more books into my home then I can read? Is this going to prevent me from bringing in more new books? No. Is this how our society is set up and how capitalism works? Yes.

I have no need for this many books and I am most likely going to borrow a book next week from the library, but I just want them to want them because I can have them you know. At this moment in time, I feel like I am not going to read some of the books that I want to bring home from the bookstore next week. It is just more or less that I want to have them because the potential is there for me to have them. I mean I could read them, but I could also just end up donating them to a mini library or even worse to a secondhand shop.

Do I want to read these new books? Of course.

I am very much very wanting to read more and to read all the books that I currently have but right now that isn’t something that I am going to be doing and it is something that I want to be doing. Actions do speak louder than intentions I do know that and right now my actions are saying that I won’t ever get to these books, but I most certainly want to.

I should be waiting to the library’s massive book sale at the end of October to get any new books because I know that I can get a bag of books that are $5 which is good, I mean there not the books that I have set aside at the book store and they might not be in such good condition but they are currently what I want. A part of me is justifying it because I have de-stickered them so that should make up for it! Do have the money to be able to purchase them? No, but $15 for 10 books is good right? It isn’t a steal of a deal if you don’t need anything, especially if you do not have the money to be able to pay for it.

On the plus side I did read 2 books this week and I am on track to finish another one either later today or tomorrow depending on how things go. I think I should be able to finish another book by the end of the week as well or so I hope because I am picking up another one from the library on Thursday.

I am very excited about the books that I have found and that I am becoming a reader. It is just that I wish I had more time to be able to read more which would better suite me which I know is something that I can work towards doing.

Would you like to see me read more current books? More books in general? Would you like me to do more themed vlogs? What type of books would you like me to read? Would you like my reviews to be better on the books? Would you like me to write up a book report on each book that I read?

I have finished reading 2 books and this and have brought home 7 more!


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