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2 Books Strong & Audio Issues

I have only finished 2 books this week which is pretty good.  It's not 3 like the past 2 weeks but that is ok.  Reading 2 books a week is still a good thing.

My goal is to just read 1 book per week so nothing more than that is just toppings.

I must ask for your forgiveness as this week’s vlog is going to be a lot shorter and different mainly because I forgot to record my audio.  I mean, I have my microphone plugged in but didn’t have it turned on because I didn’t think I needed to, and the camera would just record me anyway even though I noticed that the sound bar on the camera wasn’t moving but for whatever reason I thought that it was going to work out for me, and it didn’t.  I am sort of new to this whole thing in a way with microphones and I wasn’t sure what to expect for next time but now I know and knowing is half of the battle.

I won’t forget to turn on the microphone now or to unplug it for next time.  I guess in a way I fully understand other vloggers’ frustration with having to redo audio and/or clips just because the audio wasn’t recording.

I have added some music to this vlog to try to combat this which I hope does make a difference to it. Please let me know in the comments of the video if you liked having the music there as it is something new.

Next week I should have a much longer vlog or one that is more typical of the ones that I usually post which is going to be amazing.

I hope everyone is having a great first week into the new year!

We have been dog-sitting this week which has been great, but I feel like in a way it was taken away from some of my reading time which is ok because I can get more reading done next week I think when we have given the dog back.

I know that I shouldn’t be making excuses for reading because I need to be making the time to be doing it and I know that I can.

Snow is finally coming which is amazing because I can just cozy up inside and it will be something to look forward to which I think is going to be great.

Life is good and amazing and is something that I should be taking advantage of.  I must say that I do go through phases in life where I have a social life and when I don’t as well as being more into reading versus being more into doing yarn projects but if everything gets done then it shouldn’t be a problem at all right.

I am happy that I have been able to get the Percy Jackson series done. It was good and action-packed.  I would suggest it.  I would also suggest Emily Henry as an author as well.


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