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20 Books in 1 Week

I have read 20 books this week.  It does sound like a lot, but it really isn’t.  I have read 18 junior graphic novels, 1 junior fiction and 1 adult fiction.  Want to know what I have read?  Well, I will list them below.

Junior Graphic Novels

  1. Cookie & Broccoli Play it Cool by Bob McMahon

  2. Star Wars Adventures: Destroyer Down by Scott Beatty

  3. Archie & Reddie Book We Will Find Your Hat by Candy James

  4. Archie & Reddie Book It Doesn't Scare Me by Candy James

  5. Pizza and Taco Who's The Best? By Stephen Shaskan

  6. Pizza and Taco Best Party Ever! By Stephen Shaskan

  7. Pizza and Taco Too Cool for School By Stephen Shaskan

  8. Apple of my Pie by Mika Song

  9. Kitten Construction Company A Bridge Too Fur by John Patrick Green

  10. Disney Pixar Cars: Cinestory Comic

  11. Spy School The Graphic Novel by Stuart Gibbs

  12. Fluffle Bunnies by Anna Humphrey

  13. Disney Pixar Finding Dory Cinestory Comic

  14. Spy Camp The Graphic Novel by Stuart Gibbs

  15. Evil Spy School The Graphic Novel by Stuart Gibbs

  16. Fox Fires Book One by Emilia Ojala

  17. Donut Feed The Squirrels by Mika Song

  18. The Breadwinner A Graphic Novel by Deborah Ellis


Junior Fiction

1.       Olga And The Smelly Thing From Nowhere by Elise Gravel


Adult Fiction

1.       The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood


I haven’t taken any of my advice and not to be pushing for that number of books.  I am concerned about numbers when I go out and I end up reading 18 junior graphic novels.  I have figured out that if I read 10 books in June then I will have read 150 books within the first half of this year which again is something to say and something I do want to say but I want it to be more about the books than anything else. 


Part of the reason why I want to read is that I feel like I can do something more valuable with my time that isn’t watching TV but mainly I want to increase my memory and attention span and I would like to do that with reading but that only works if I am reading something that takes me longer than 5 minutes to read from beginning to end.


I am going to be finishing off the Ali Hazelwood books this week, and I am not going to take anything out from the library until I get all the Ali Hazelwood books back there and I can have a fresh slate.  I have a lot on my TBR anyway so I shouldn’t just be going and getting new books regardless.


I am privileged that I can have the ability and time to read so many books and that I have access to a used bookstore and the library as well as being at the library so many times that I am exposed to many different books that I am truly blessed.


I will get back to you next week to see if I read all of the Ali Hazelwood books!


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