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Activity Backpack

One of the things that I remember when I would get 'dragged' to my siblings games/events or we would go on a drive to the 'city' or vacation was to make/create your backpack of things to do.

This was went to keep me a young child busy and out of my parents hair while on the drive or at the event. Mind you it didn't always work much to my moms demise. Of course there was always the time when i didn't pack the item that I ultimately wanted to play with while we were out but that was always a lesson for next time.

The thing was, I had so much stuff to choose from, how was I suppose to know that I would be happy with in a couple of hours from now?

As an adult female this backpack is now called a purse (for some men I know their backpack is really their murse. There is nothing wrong with it just saying that its a norm for guys to have a bag with them) . I don't have any events that I need to plan for other then just living my life. If I had to get out of the house one of these days and I didn't want to go visit friends, the movies or wonder around the mall, what would I do to pass the time?

In my bag, I am sure I would have a notepad to wright things down (even though I should just be putting them into my phone as memos), my computer, video camera, current yarn project, book, or a colouring book? Yes, places like malls do have free WI-FI so I could go to these places and go work casually on my computer or just be able to keep to myself.

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I could stay outside but there is no WI-FI there so I would need to do other things then potentially just being on my computer. I find that I restrict myself due to having to always have to be inside of a building when i don' need to necessarily.

I would like to know the answer. I don't think there is a right answer. It is alwasy changes depending on the needs of the night or what I am currently needed to do. I know I have a backpack that I can always pack up to have my computer, video camera, book and current craft project with. It is just doing it. I just need to be able to do.

Is there more then do or do not?

The other idea is fit everything that you own into a backpack, and slowly take out everything that does not matter. What ever is left in your backpack is really what really matters. Give it a try.

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