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Today's Networking Tip

There is alot of things you can do to network and they are all different. I do want to share all of them and go through all of them but today for my first tip ever I am going to share for the first time.

This mysterious first networking tip is to use your resources. Type out all of your questions. Take the time to think about them. Have sub questions if you need to. You want to be able to walk out knowing way more then you first started. Start by asking your friends and family. Ask them all sorts of questions from how they got to where are they are now in life. Ask if this is where they wanted to end up in life or just how it worked out? If this was not their original plan in life, how did they get here and are they OK with it?

Everyone you talk to you will ask different questions and the contend will be different. Not all questions that you have will be needed for each person.

Take people out for coffee or a drink and they will happy to open up and want to answer all of your questions. People do generally want to help you out and want you to do well.

I have come up with some questions of my own and here are some as a sample to potentiall ask someone:

  1. What do you do now?

  2. How did you get here?

  3. What is it that you want to do?

  4. What is your business plan?

  5. How do you keep your business plan moving forward?

  • What is your business plan?

  • What is your end goal for your business?

  1. How do you network?

  2. Which social media sites do you find most useful? i.e. facebook, twitter, linkin

  3. Which websites do you find most useful? I.e. upwork, reddit,

  4. Which applications do you find most useful?

  5. How did you get started with your Youtube or Twitch channel?

Hopefully these questions can get you started. Let me know if you have any questions of your own.

How do you network? Are there events you ca go to in your area to network? How regular is a good amount of time to spend on networking? Do you think there is a time to ever stop networking? Let me know.

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