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Setting Your Own Standards

You are always going to run in to those people who tell you, you are not doing enough in your life. You need to do more. You need to go about your life in a more productive way. These comments may be coming to you from those who may know you best or from people who you may not know or may never meet.

You can do what you want. Don't involve the people that you don't want to involve in your life. Limit the time with the people that you can not get out of your life fully. Focus on the things that you can change and never on the things you can not change. Assess your relationships, get an action plan and then create a time frame for this action always refer to the why to keep your self motivated and on track.

Some people set standards on you that are constantly changing. That is why you will never be able to meet their standards. You will never know what they are expecting of you in that moment just for that reason. Ignore all of them, the last thing you should do is acknowledge it. They want to the attention, doesn't matter if its positive and you are agreeing with them or negative and you are arguing the point, its the principle after all. If they are doing it to you, who knows who else they are doing it to. You shouldn't have to carry the burden of this. Also keep in mind that at times people may not fully understand the power of their words or actions. Don't ever give them what they want.

For example, if you know that shopping with someone causes you to purchase things that you necessarily wouldn't or in a size you wouldn't or someone gives you clothes constantly but you tend not to wear them or give to the local charity more often then staying in your closet, then try not to go shopping with this person or accept clothing from them.

If you are willing to start or stop doing something, you hold the power in your own hands to do that. Don't let anyone tell you how you should be doing this in a certain amount of time or that they think that you should look or be going about it your own way. If you want to learn an instrument or learn a new language, it it takes you a year or more then that's alright. If it takes less then a year to learn a complication song on your chosen instrument or language then so be it. There are many ways to do the same thing. Just be creative and do it in your own time.

You do you. Always.

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