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Keeping a Planner on paper on electronically?

What are your ideas about keeping a journal, diary or a planner just in general. What are your thoughts on keeping one on paper or on the computer?

I have personally struggled with this one for a while myself. I used to journal a lot in my youth but have lost touch with it having better things to do. I do believe that having a journal of some kind is helpful and useful in being self aware, conscious of your goals and how to really handle what really is going on in your life. Keeping a thankful journal is a great way to grow more gratitude in your life as well.

I always kept note books in the past but have kept some on the computer as well. I guess I was so against the idea having keeping one on the computer due to all those teenage shows about things like that get release to the whole school, or what if you became rich and famous and they got out, where a note book you can destroy before it gets out. In my opinion creating less waste is always the best answer, versus having giant tubs filled with things that you 'can't get rid of'.

I have long since kept a planner of what I am doing on my phone but I have long since forgotten to put my goals into the planner so I am not currently really getting any of them done. I do have things that I want to do and get done but I guess its all in how you use it.

At the end of the day it really is what works best for you. If you prefer to have everything electronically then great if not then that's great as well. It would be interesting to speak with someone who can keep a note book then get rid of it after filling it up. How do you keep track of your goals? What are your goals? How do you remind/stay on track for your goals? How to you view your goals? i.e. dream board, phone alerts, acronyms etc..

i think that paper planners will come a thing of the past long before paper note books will. Its interesting to see what all the neat things you can do to spruce up your notebooks and planners these days. Entire sections and isles in the craft sections just to get things done. I found that I would spend so much time sprucing them up that I lost interest in what I had originally set out to write about!

Be creative. Find what works best for you. Let me know what you think about it all!

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