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How do you network?

This is a ever changing task that never seems to go away. It is something that I have always known that you need to be doing in life but not something that I have ever practiced. I have tried but yes I could have put forth a better effort. It is something that should never goes away. They do say that its not what you know but who you know.

Goals and plans always change as you progress in life, therefore you must be able to change how you search and go about your life.

You should always ask question and question how you do things. Some great ways to network may be to you social media, other social platforms, networking events, friends, general out and about of your day.

I believe that talking to people that you know could really be helpful. You never know what they might have to share. Something that you may need to learn. How someone else may approach a problem and attempt to fix it may be different then how you would attack a problem. It may give you an idea to how to adapt the same knowledge in your life, a new perspective to consider. The issue is if there is a problem you will find a way to fix it. For example if you get into a car accident you are not going to leave your car just sitting there over the street you will find a way and the money to get it some where, where you can deal with it at your fancy. If you need to make money or more money and you really need it you will find a way to make it happen.

Getting experience and perspective on any situation is always helpful. Try to ask the questions that you find helpful, join the groups & clubs that have similar ideas and goals that you have in life. If you are interested in gardening you wouldn't want to network with people who want to 'climb the company latter' in the shortest amount of time possible, put some thought into it and remember that not every group or idea may not be for you but that's whats great, you can try new things out.

How do you network? What are you trying to get out of it? What are you looking to mostly gain form this experience? Are you looking for validation? Do you believe that networking is something that should be happening on a more regular basis? How do you actively seek groups to network with?

When I network, I have a list of questions that I have made and go over each time I go and network with someone. My questions change and grow as I do and all depends on who I plan on talking to. I tend to interview the people who I network with to really see how they got to the point in their life now. For example the skills that have brought them here, was it experience, school, an individual. I like to get to know people and will ask everything if they let me, with in reason of course.

Is there one best way to network?

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