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Is to much a good thing?

I try to constantly go through my things so I have a bag of some sort to go to the local charity. As I go through everything I always see that there is something new, different and that is better then the current option that I have. As time goes on new items always come out on the market and different things go on sale.

Online sales I find tend to be better and its the more random, unexpected finds I find in the stores that really work out with it.

I find that I always try and keep all of these items just to be safe but never really need to. Taste change. Life changes. Bags, house hold items and storage containers always change in life. Things that you never thought would work, work now.

I have lots of purses, bags and little cosmetic bags that I have collected over the years, I know that I will be using it all and wont get rid of any of it, at least at some point! I have given a bunch away or so I originally thought. I have way to many. My goal is to at one point is to be able to close the 4 liter container.

The point is in this case, I do love having all of the options for bags. I like the options for when I go traveling.

Signs that you have to much of one thing and you need to get rid of some? Your drawers to your dresser don't close easily due to the over stuffed style and bulk that I like to keep my fashion in. Or that I have to many travel size toothpaste and floss that I need to have a storage container for them. (It always means that I need to learn to brush & floss my teeth more!!!)

What can I say, I like what I like. I do have a vision in mind for what I want my home to look like and I know that I can get there. I just need to work on it.

Is it to good to have a lot? Sometimes. Its all up to you as to what you deem to be to much or to little, set goals and time limes which are appropriate to you.

Just remember to dip into it just a little at a time!

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