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Back To School

As an adult I enjoy back to school. Mainly due to there is just so many cheap school supplies. I used to enjoying keeping a paper journal and have coloured pens to fill it. Now, I enjoy getting office supplies for the home and a few for work at a real good price, (getting a back of 10 pens that are black/blue is real desirable!) crayons for my crayon maker. Refilling my colouring back with new things is due to knowing that I will use and will use it! (Adults can have fun colouring as well!)

Having an opportunity to purchase things that you know are going to be on sale during a certain time like back to school is a perfect example of a simply life hack. Like lunch bags, back packs, scissors, crayons/pencils crayons/markers, pens/pencils, pencil cases, paper products and so much more are examples of every day things that you may need in your home that may be great to purchase at this time.

The key thing to remember is that there is always going to be products that you want at all times of year, you just need to determine what is absolutely necessary. (There is always going to be new things that are different that you may regret waiting to purchase but that is really life, there may be something later that is slightly better) Use what you have and only replace when necessarily. Do you really have room to store multiple notebooks that you may use in the future.

The idea of back to school has given me the idea to split your life in 4 month 'semesters' or time periods where you are working towards goals that you can complete in that amount of time like completing a course. But by the end of the year you will have completed a multiple about of goals in just 1 year instead of having a year or more left to complete the school program then finding a job.

What is your favourite time of year to spend money on things? I have always had a soft spot for office suplies so for my going back to school shopping is great. Let me know all of your ideas!

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