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Free Comic Book Day 2018

Free Comic Book Day always has lots to offer and free of charge. Fun for the whole family and for all ages! There are lots of free games and events to participate in.

It’s always better to get there earlier on in the day to get what it is all about. The line-up for the stores can get long and take a bit to get through.

This year I am happy that Forest City Coin did participate as an actual Comic Book Store this year. Thank you for giving me the number 1 issue of Speed Racer a few years ago, it was greatly appreciated and may end up earning me some money later on.

My new favorite thing that is happening and has happened for 2-3 years now, is the library is offering you the ability to make ‘flare’ or pins for you to wear, made out of free comic books! I myself enjoy making myself a new pin every year now. This year it was Back to the Future themed. I did enjoy selecting the right comic book, tracing the picture and cutting it out!

All the usual suspects where there in their respective costumes. The costume contest is always something to look forward to. Even those who are not even dressing up and not participating in the contest is always fun!

Sometimes you can just walk into the store get our free comic books but still. A strong dislike of mine is that when people take a very long time to pick out their comics. To me you can always come back later on in the later day to revisit and get more free comics, or get the other ones at the other comic book stores.

If you are into Omnibus’s or figurines then you are in luck this weekend you are in luck. All the sales that you would want.

They have a Free Comic Book Day Passport. If you go to all of the comic book stores that are participating and get a stamp, fill out your information on the back then, drop it off you are entered into winning a grand prize for participating yourself. My friend has won once. I have yet to win but doubt that I will ever due to the fact that I think it may have something to do with a slight conspiracy to have kids win or people who are more into the community. But I do enjoy going and getting all of the stamps. Brings a sense of accomplishment with the day.

A 5” high stack of comics every year between two people really isn’t too bad. I can’t wait until I can bring my niece. (Yes a small portion of it has to do with the fact that I can pick up more comic books for myself)

The crowds seem to be growing every year. I do like seeing all of the new and old faces that do come out.

My suggestion is to come out and just see what it is all about. Pick up a comic book or 2 or not the event is all free and you can enjoy everything. A section of Dundas street is closed for this event especially for the event. Come one come all it is defiantly a sight to see.

Free Comic Book Day is always the first Saturday in May.

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