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Oneida Comic Con 2018

Truth be told this is the first time I have been to Oneida's comic con. I'm not sure how long it has been going on before but I did enjoy myself.

The event wasn't to busy in comparison to the ones that I have been to in London but it was still worth a trip. Like most comic cons there was a young adult and adult costume contest with a prize for the winners.

I was there to help with a table for my roller derby league. I thing we did forget was shirts to sell but there is always next year. I 'dressed' up in my roller derby gear and jersey and skated behind the table and around the con for a few times. It was a great time. We did spark interest in the sport in general but not in getting people to come out and to play. We are having a information night at London Brewery on August 28, 2018 at 7pm if anyone wanted to get more information about joining the league or about the sport in general.

It was fun to get up on my skates in a casual way and see what a different comic con had and could offer. I do hope that they try and grow their con in the future. A suggestion that I would make is to bring in some video games for the kids to play. A video game that is very interactive more with the times like virtual reality or one of the popular gaming systems with all the accessories that they have.

There was board games available to demo which I always find fun to learn just one. I did not purchase any but I will be when I do go into the comic book store around the street for another comic con; this time it will be in London but this one does cost to get in and I won't be a 'vendor'.

Overall I believe that it was a fantastic time and worth the trip! Every con is different but each one unique and worth the while. I say keep your calendors open for 2019.

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