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Getting Up and Doing Things...Without spending any $$

I often think about different things I can get out of the house and fun that doesn't cost any money. Going out for a walk/bike/skating, going to local coffee shop/library to be on my computer/read or hanging out with friends. Sometimes its to easy to just go out in spend money by going to the mall or to the movies. There is always lots of choices but as fall is coming up I feel that there is more to do outside at a reasonable temperature and not all of it requires money or a lot of it.

While the weather is still nice its great to get out of the house but there is only so many times you can go sit and watch TV or go and read at the library or the park. I have lots of bags that I can fill with things to do and public places to do them at, as well as a car I can sit in and have a 'good o' time'. If not putting any effort into anything would get things done!!!! The amount of effort that you put in is the amount that you will get out.

If I don't put in the hours or the work on a project will it have the outcome that is necessary? Will I loose weight or gain any muscle if I don't go to the gym and work out my body?

Getting productive is hard but try going out and doing things like date night activities, family night activities or just to get out of the house at least one night a week. When you do, you will realize that you will have the time to do the things that need to be done but couldn't do before due to being out.

The point is getting out of the house makes you realize what is really important and high lights in my opinion the things that don't really matter but you are giving to much attention to.

Some times getting out of the house or turning off everything that has electricity can be good, giving yourself a good hard restart is fantastic. Change is hard but focus on the small things and what we can do right here and now.

What are the fun things that you can think of doing that doens't cost any money? What are things that you like to do

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