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Living with Less

It seems that times have changed. Our parents generation where part of the generation where consumerism was at its best. Getting all of those gadgets for your home that were such time savers that now over time and some of the pieces are missing, what where they actually used for?

It's hard to think that there are some people out there who do not have a lot of personal possessions but have all of these experiences.

The minnanellial generation is seeming to have less and be happy about it. Yes its great to have those sunglasses but isn't it better to be at the concert or at that particular venue?

Would you rather travel out of country or in your general area?

I have been trying to get rid of stuff myself. I feel that if I bring in a few more books then I have to get rid of some that I have now. I will most likely not read the book again so why not get rid of it. I the same rule goes for clothes. If i purchase new clothes then some old clothes have to be thrown away. Remember just because it's coming from a charity shop or the discount island doesn't mean that you necessarily need it. Just because you used it all doens't necessarily mean that you to need to replace it.

Could you live with less? To you what is less? What would have to happen for you to start getting rid of things in your home? There are plenty of challenges out there that help you get on your way to getting rid of things and to help you stop shopping etc. but you really have to find the path that is right for you.

The 3 worst words with dealing with this sort of thing is "just in case". I am going to keep this 'just in case' I need it again, or for that one time.

Those one time situations are always going to happen but most of the time if you are needing anything you can just pick it up on your way home or at the shops while you are out there anyway. Just a little extra thought needs to go into it.

I have personally always been envious of those rooms that you find in magazines or in show rooms. The had 2 things in common, they are set up to looking like no one lives there and they are very simply and elegant with hardly anything in them. No clutter or access what so every.

If you looking about to say something like the 1950's 60's and 70's where TV wasn't as big or as much as it is today that they were always outside and doing things where no in 2018 we look at ways to stay inside in a climate controlled environment.

Things don't change over night but will you remember the times that you stayed inside at home no matter what your do or who is by or the times that you spend outside the home doing whatever that maybe.

Living with less is something new for me to consider. Yes I really don't need much and a lot of it is in my head but I really like to entertain the idea of if you had 4 hours to get everything including yourself out of the hosue, what would you take? What would you leave behind? What things would you wish you had time to give to people to use?

Those things that I would want to give to friends to use? I should give it to them now. Those things I would just leave behind? Well a guess my charity box just go filled!

Could you live with less? Would you want to? How do you think the younger kids are doing it? Could it be that they just don't have the finances for it? Do you think there are any socal factors to this being the new way of life. Do you think you could adapt to a life of minialism? Could you life like a minanellial?

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