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Side Hustles

If you could make a living out of your side hustle would you? If you needed a few extra dollars how far would you chase that money? What are some things that you would never do versus the things that you would do? Would you want to be in your car all day driving people/things around or would you rather be on your computer all day trying to make it happen?

If you could chose to do/be anything you wanted what would it be? Would you want to work for yourself? They say that there are days where you are putting in a 16 plus hour work day and then there are the days where you are not even working at all. A lot of the work that does come in or the contracts you do end up getting do depend a lot on you for getting it all done.

If you want to have a website for example, that's fantastic but you have to work on the lay out of the website and figure out how you want it to look like as well as writing post for it and well making sure your shop is up to day with merchandise that you can sell.

The more effort you put into the website and promote it the more attention it receives and the more attention the more success you can achieve.

It really does seem that you can really do be who ever you want to be in the this day in age. If you want to be a writer you can start a blog, if you want to be an actress you can star in your own videos and post them in a variety of places on line. If you want to be a driver, or even a delivery driver you can do that as well. You can from home doing surveys or becoming a virtual assistance.

You can also look into having a booth at a festival or craft show or a bizarre to make some extra money. (You are going to try all of those DIY's you saw on line anyways why not try to sell them on line or at a function. Even if its just to make your money back!!!)

There are plenty of ideas these days to become self sufficient and are great ways of being able to get a little bit of money on the side but would you want to make this your full-time employment? Would you want to stay at home and find ways to keep yourself busy like that?

I am all for offering my services every now and again but I don't think I would want to on a full-time basis to crafting or doing survey's or trying to promote myself on-line to be a virtual assistance on multiple avenues.

I have encounter both people who have gone to school and are not in the field that they went to school for and are highly successful and happy doing what they are doing and people who went back to school, need the education to do the job but it was who they knew that got them the position. Both sides say that they would do what they love for half of the pay and benefits if it meant doing what they loved. Ultimately that means happiness to them.

Working for myself to an extend would make me happy, I would get less pay and it would be a rocky road but knowing that if I am able to make rent or buy groceries is all depending on me making enough money to be able to do so. It's a different way of thinking and something I would have to work at to make sure I can do it, but I am home all day so I can make it work?

What is your dream job? What can you do to make it happen? Do you want to make it happen? Are you living the dream now? Let me know how you got to your happy work! How are you makaing it happen?

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