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The power of the word 'if' and 'why'

The power of words is very significant. The tone and who may say them to be may be the point. you may been to hear them repetitively until the one time you hear it and that's the key time that gets you to remember those quick and sometimes quiet words.

The word if for example is quick powerful. You may be wondering why certain things in your life are the way they are due to circumstances or pre-exposure to certain things but that might not be the case. There is always the exception to every but what 'if' you are just not breaking it down into small enough pieces to be able to accomplish it or focusing on the 'why' you are doing it?

For example, lets say you work at a low level customer service job, but you need a computer to get out of this lower level customer service job as well as try other things to make money like selling your wears and crafts online. You would prefer to purchase a new one knowing that this is a long term investment.

You currently do not have the money for the computer. I may think if I worked a better job with better pay I wouldn't have this problem or that if I grew up a different way then it would be easier to purchase a computer.

How do I get the computer? Well one way is to break it down. When do I want to be purchasing the computer? Set a goal date so you have something to work towards. Set it somewhere that you frequent so you can remind yourself of the 'why' that you are doing this. (I find that keeping the 'why' reason in mind is a constant motivator.) Take small steps like making coffee at home instead of purchasing it on our way to where ever, pack your lunch, store brands versus name brands, getting back on things like dinners out and alcohol are always great suggestions. Seeing your things at pond shops, or online stores is a great way to make a little bit of extra side cash as well.

The words 'if' and 'why' can be very persuasive. Don't let it get to you. You have plenty of time to do what needs to be done and do what ever it is that you want. You hold the power in your own two hands to change anything in your life. If you want that new computer then make the necessary changes, the 'what ever it takes' type of attitude.

If you really want something you will get it. Why? Because you are focusing on the why and not the if factor that is very discouraging.

Small words can have the most deepest of meanings. If can be used in a positive way as well, if you know what you want and why you want to do something about it then maybe if the first then you did was taking a step in the right direction. What if you took the first of many little steps into accomplishing a much bigger goal for yourself.

Why don't you get started on that whatever becasue what if you lost nothing?

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