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Work Work Work

Do you ever you are stuck in a routine and its all about the daily grind? Well you are not alone. Most people are find are in this routine. Not to say routine isn't bad but it's something that does need to be changed up every once in a while in my opinion.

The routine of getting ready in the morning, when I get home and before I go to bed well can get a bit frustrating. Everything can be so time that if I get even 1 minute off, it could really ruin that time of day.

This is more about the routine that you may have at work. You do get into a certain pattern and that could get a bit mun dain but it could bring some joy to you knowing that you know what to expect.

I find when working for someone else it can be very structured in what you do especially at certain times of day, needed to get reports done in a certain time, does have its benefits.

If you work for yourself, its purely on you. you need to be able to come with a plan to make sure things do get done. I find that you do you need to do a lot more when being freelance. Everything is on you.

How do you plan your days? Do you calendar block? Do you keep a calendar on paper or online?

Do you consider doing house chores to be work? Do you find being around your kids to be work? What is all considered to be work?

Having to do the task of life can be like work but with out them is life really meaningful? They do seem alot like work but how can you make them pay? If time is money then is it really about the side hustle?

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