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So whats next?

I wanted to do something to celebrate my anniversary with my man so I decided that we were going on a hot air balloon ride. It was a great time! I did get lots of video footage of our journey from above. The most unexpected part of the balloon ride is that after we landed and all the items were back in the truck we had a glass of champagne. It was fabulous. It was an appreciated treat for doing that.

While we were taking back our champagne our pilot ask so whats next? Skydiving? Bungee jumping?

I didn't and still don't know how to reply to that comment. Yes this is the one thing that I don't know who else has done in their life but I never thought that I would have to continue this journey.

Sure going skydiving or bungee jumping could be more fun activities to do but I guess that I am not going to activity pursue them as an activity.

Going to the trampoline park, arcade or new gaming center in the city for sure. Are my priorities in the right place? Should I want to be doing some more life changing activities from high altitudes?

I don't think I really have a bucket list. If I want to do something then I will just go do it. If I want to backpack across Europe or Central America then I can. (Mind you that I would just need to save up my money and get rid of some of my stuff and go over there, how long I ma over there is completely up to me). If I want to go on another hot air balloon ride then I can. I just need to be able to save up a few more dollars to be able to do that.

Travelling isn't has hard or as are fetched as people think. Just some simple saving and you can do anything. Cheap vaction deals are now a dime a dozen.

What is on your bucket list? What is it that you want to be doing next? Do you want to go on a hot air balloon ride? Skydiving? bungee jumping?

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