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Staying On Track

How do you stay on track to get to your goals? Do you have daily goals? Weekly goals? Other short and long term goals?

For myself I have all of these. Watching all videos on line and seeing how other people do is a great help.

If I wanted to put out a video my self lets say on Thursday, I would need to have a workable/film-able idea to then finalize and film on Saturday and Sunday then to edit on Tuesday with finial touches on Wednesday to be uploaded on Thursday.

If I wanted to put up a new article on my website every week. I need to make the time once a week to put something up. Even if it means that I have to per-plan my articles a day to a few days before.

I have noticed with a few people that I watch online that they have daily trackers to make sure that they stay on track. If I worked for myself I understand that. To me when you work for yourself you need to be on top of things, knowing when you need to pick up a few more contracts versus knowing when you are going to be to busy to do to many contracts.

Finances are not terrible hard to manage especially due to having lots of experience in that area. doing side hussles? Well something that is new but is very manageable. I am finding that making different trackers for myself and having a small dream board helps me stay focus and on the right track for what I want to be doing. Holding yourself accountable is really hard but doable.

If keeping a planner, journal or trackers isn't something that really isn't you then maybe creating an acronym is the way to go. Dream boards do get a lot of flax and did have their own bubble a few years ago when they were super popular an the way to go but don't let others opinions deter you from completing your goals. Which do you prefer having a paper copy or having something on your computer?

Tempations are there for everyone. Stay on track and you can accomplish everything that you want.

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