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Keeping track of things is really quick useful. Some will argue that you get more accomplished and accomplish your goals a lot faster.

Currently, I do not keep any trackers but am thinking about doing so. I would like to be doing some daily as well as weekly trackers. The house does not get clean by it self you know!

If you have any sort of trackers what are they? Are they yearly trackers that happen at the bringing of each new year? Birthday? Anniversary?

There are many differently many different sort of trackers as well. How time passes is different for every one and I believe is different for each age you are.

I think it is better to age yourself with everything that you have done in the past couple of days to years then the age you are. But then again not everyone is trying to make up for lost time!

If for an assignment you had to go into full detail as to what you are doing at every second of the day, how would you do it?

I am a fan of having everything being electronic. Why have a paper copy when you can have a password protected copy saved in various areas. Sure things to get lost and ruined but the point is that at least it's there. Think of paying for a digital subscription to hold everything is much more cost effective then having a storage space with physical items that ultimately lose their value over time. Not to say that tings in their digital form don't loose value over time but there are more easier managed then say a picture, painting or an antique of any sort.

How are you making sure that you are living your best life at all times? Does keeping track of certain things then become second nature to you where you don't need to keep track any more? Or does life change so rapidly that you trackers change. As goals get completed new ones get set and along with that different trackers.

Keeping track of your goals is better then not haivng anything at all. Goals help you get you to where you want to be.

Start living your best live today.

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