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Couch Dreams

Have you ever taken a nap on your couch whether it be intentional or not and have noticed that it is way more refreshing then taking a nap in your own bed?

I think if you take a nap on your couch its all about the potential of what can happen after the nap versus when you get up out of bed it's more about what you have to do now that you are up to make up for the time that you were sleeping.

I feel that i get more drafting done of what I want to do when I am on the couch. It's not so official.

There is a sense of false security when you do it. There isn't any pressure that you should or should not be doing it. It's not as if you fall asleep at a certain point you should stay in bed, if you stay asleep a little to long on the couch, there is a sense of it being more acceptable to get up and walk around for a bit before really going to bed for the night.

There is always the argument that napping messes up your sleep schedule so instead you should just go to bed earlier and it will all figure it self out in the end. Personally I do prefer to just go to bed earlier but I can't say that the occasional nap does feel wonderful.

Being able to fall asleep and stay asleep for a certain amount of time is something that I know I won't be able to to necessarily when I am older but is something I can really appreciate now.

There is something about falling asleep that isn't so final, where the day isn't necessarily out of its misery yet and I can definitely do something to change that. Where I can still get up and do what ever needs to be done to change.

Choice is very important. You hold the power in your two hands to make the change, to be the change that you want to see and be in life. You are the product of all the choices that you have made up to this point. If you want something different then do it. Nothing comes easy at first or comes natural. You need to work at it. Break it up into small steps and get into the routine of doing what needs to be done.

Take that nap on the couch and see what happens. See where your mind takes you. Meditate if you have to. Feel the feeling of what its like to know you have the potential of going for a nap, then being able to do what needs to get done. Allow your self to take the time and just be on the couch, knowing that sometimes its ok just to lay and wait till its time to go to bed!

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