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Gift Giving

The holiday season can be a difficult time for anyone. The stress the comes with it may not be for everyone. Some do all of their shopping before the snow meets the ground.

What is your opinion on gifts. In your opinion what is your favorite type of gift? Do you like surprises? What is your opinion on home made gifts or gift cards?

I personally am a fan of gift cards. I feel that I can actually get out and get what every I want through out the year with a gift card. You never know what the year is going to throw at you so better be prepared. Some times you need things that you don't want someone else to purchase for you.

On home made gifts? I wish in a way that they could be more acceptable. I am very crafty and if you are willing to accept a scarf then I would do that more often, but then again I don't want to spend all year just making gifts either. I want to be able to make things for other people.

I know some families out there which have stopped gift giving and its more about helping each other out without question when you need it (which in turn can be way more taxing on your personal life then the taxes you would pay on an actual gift) and/or giving money towards purchases which or more vital to their daily life being.

Gifts should be a joyous thing but sometimes I think that I would rather do something else. Not everything that I receive I like. Re gifting should not be a fact of life. I would rather get nothing or 100% of what I want. I just don't want to have a bunch of things cluttering my house and keeping things from me from living my best life.

Should gift giving me a thing of the past and we start to spend time with family and friends and that's it? Or should we just go on with tradition?

I would prefer not to have all of this clutter that's around my house or in my life and just working on having one big gift for people.

What are your opinions on gifts? I do like receiving them, I really am not into surprises and I would rather be able to create my gifts then spend money on them. Let me know what you think.

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