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Balanced Lifestyle - Staying in versus going Out

What is a balanced lifestyle? How would you describe it? Would you choose to go out or to stay in? Stay in and do your what nots or to have people come to your place or just to simply go out and do what ever it is that the world has to offer? Does staying in make you an introvert versus going out makes you an extrovert?

I find that I need to find a balance where I am consistently going out and staying in and doing things. I tend to find that there are trends, where I am going out and doing things or people are coming by my place but then it tends to be followed by times where I am not going out at all and doing things. I am simply staying at home doing whatever.

Balance is where I am constantly doing things both in and out of the home. How ti find it I am not sure but I am sure in time I will. Never mind if I stop having things to do!

Friends, things to do and things to be plan is easy to do in itself and the endless list of chores and to do at home never ends. Finding a way so that you can have the consistency to do it all, for the rest of time!

Staying active is a key part of life, it is what keeps you young and kind at heart. Doing acts of service can be key as well.

What type of person are you, would you rather:

1. Go out and do what ever the night takes you?

2. Stay at home and do what pleases you?

3. Stay at home and have people come over to your place and do things?

4. Go out with people and see what happens?

5. Would you prefer to a combination of all of these?

What is the most ideal life for you? Do you think going out and going things says more about you then staying in and you do? Do you have any suggestions to what a balanced life is really? What is a balanced life to you? Do you think what is accomplished or happens is more important then who its with? Is it more about quality over quantity? Is it the memories that you get or the nights that you will never forget? Is balance where you can find peace and/or fulfillment in your day? The feel of accomplishmnet?

Being balanced is different for everyone. Find your balance today! LIfe your balance today!

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