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Have you ever wanted to get something done in a certain amount of time? Or just get motivated to get something done? Have you just wanted to get stuff done? Well we all know that motivation doesn't just happen. You just have to stop with the distractions and just get it done.

Motivation never just happens. It's a muscle that you have to work out until it just becomes second nature to you.

Some say that its that initial mind shift that gets things done. That one moment in time where you see or hear that one thing that helps you change to what you need to do. That one thing that helps you keep focused on your goals until you have completed them. You don't want to spend all of your time looking for that one motivating thing. Sometimes it just doesn't come. This is all about the one time you find that thing that changes your mindset towards what you need to get done.

Taking a different attitude or perspective on the same old subject is always a great way to self discover what needs to be done. It's that sports medifor, that what works for me works for me and this is how I learned to do it, but you are you and you may need to be told something different for it to make sense to you. You may need to have other experiences before you know what it takes to accomplish the same feet of strength.

It's all in how you look at things. You constantly want to be changing, adopting to whats going on. You want to be able to stay current with the times. Be able to diversify. Diversifying is a very tricking thing that takes talent, and most importantly trial and error. You may need to try many things before they end up working. You may need to take the same idea from a different angle.

For example that's great that you want to be a chef and have your own restaurant but maybe after owning an operating your own restaurant you are not able to make it work. Maybe working for a different company and working your way to the top of that company and owning your own retail venue is something more up your ally. Maybe if going to the gym really isn't your thing, maybe creating your gym at home is something that you need.

How you think about a situation is very important. Changing how you think about it can sometimes be very difficult.

If change was easy, and was something that you wanted to do then it wouldn't seem so much like work and would be very easy.

Be open to what is out there in the world. Let information come into you life, let it change you. Listen and be a good student. If you haven't learned anything today then do it.

Change isn't easy but it definitely has a little something to do with your mindset.

Never get stuck in your ways. Let your mindset get changed!

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