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There are so many challenges out there today. Daily ones, weekly ones, monthly ones. Challenges that help you loose weight, do things of service, count down the days to the certain day like the holidays.

I personally have never participated in any challenges. Not that I am to weak to do so, it is just that I want to t be doing it for myself and for no one else. The only person that I have something to prove to is me. I know what I am capable of, but sometimes I do need help in getting there. I do tend to give up sometimes a little to easy, but I do try and help out where I can.

There are challenges that don't cost money but can get you more outside and doing things. Out doing things that are healthy, active, free your mind, out of the house and with the people you love doing something that isn't in front of a TV or something that ultimately doesn't end up being in front of the TV.

There are some challenges that are made to make you happy and try new things. If you are willing to do something just once, the changes are you are willing to try it again for a second time and well new experiences are very welcome and appreciated.

Challenging yourself to do other things like completing goals is also an idea.

It just seems especially around this time of year people do bucket lists that they would like to get done either that month or season. It can have the 'pay it forward' type feeling when you see other people doing random act of kindness. But why does it only have to be around this time of year where getting inspired to do things for other people is here.

Do you have goals that you would like to acheive and challenge yourself in which ever which way to get them done?

I find that goals tend to change from time to time so there fore it becomes hard sometimes to keep track of what I want to be doing with it. My challenge for this month, good timing before new years is to become 100% more aware of what I want my goals to be and work on putting them into action.

What are your thoughts on those monthly challenges or bucket lists? Do you want to start one? Do you want to create one? Tell me your story of how you accomplish things in your life? What are the ways that you do to get or be inspired through out the year and not just around the holiday season?

Challenge your self to a challenge!

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