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Crafting for Money

With craft shows, comic cons, festivals around town or even websites that help you sell your stuff for a price is becoming more of a norm.

How do you separate your self from all of the others? How did we get such a need to have so much stuff? Is word of mouth better then advertising when it comes to selling your wears? Promotions are really one of a kind these days.

What happens when you make something for someone and you pay upon delivery. After working very hard to make it happen, the buyer changes their mind and now you have made things and what do you do with them now? Trying to sell something that was originally meant for some one else can be hard at times, especially if its personalized to that one specific person.

With setting up a table at a craft show there is the cost of the entrance fee, if they do not supply a table and chair for you, you will have to provide the cost of that your self if you don't own them yourself. Your time for the day is worth something. You have to feed your self while your waiting for buyers right?

Then there is the cost of the materials to make the things you want to sell then the time to make the items that you are going to sell. You might as well create a business card or post card, at least something that has your information to have people find you! After all you want to continue selling stuff right?

Making things on order is something but how do you really make something that is your hobby, something that you want and do anyways into a business?

At the end of all of it is it really worth making things for a table? If you get your name out, well that doesn't hurt anything. You could potentially make more money after having the table in the first place.

If you can create crafts to sell that fantastic! You should always try and make money off of it. Things that come from the heart are always better and mean more in the long rung right.

In your opinion is it worth creating a table full of things to sell even if its just the one time? Even if its not something that you don't want to be doing in the long run, meanng doing this every year.

Is this an example of a side husstle that you would want to participate in? Could you make money out of it?

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