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Do you enjoy cooking? Do you love spending time in the kitchen creating new dishes for you and your love ones to try? Does cooking bring you joy? Do you like trying new recipes and proving food as entertainment? Do you like going out and trying new restaurants? When you travel do you like enjoying the local foods and specialists specific to that culture?

I myself do not enjoy cooking. I do not seek joy out of cooking. I enjoy my food but I rather eat so fast and savage my food, eat so quickly it's like someone is going to steel it that I don't always take the time to fully enjoy the food that I am eating. I do understand that eating fast isn't good for my digestive system and I do tend to eat more but this is something I do need to work on.

I do like going out and trying new restaurants. I feel like just going out for a meal is great date night. An excellent way to get out of the house. When trying new restaurants I do tend to try new dishes so finding new things is something I would never do before.

I would honestly prefer cleaning the kitchen 100 times over before cooking. Our kitchen is pretty clean, most of the time! Today I did multiple dishes through out the day just to make sure that everything that gets clean. I guess cleaning the kitchen brings me more joy and bliss then cooking would do for some people.

Food is fuel. There is so many ways that you can take that. Yes your body is a temple and you can and if you are anything like me are eating your way to death through sugar. Watching and cutting back your sugars is always a good thing and something that I want to be doing but it is a work in progress. When you are so used to it the withdrawal can be quiet difficult.

You should only be eating food that contributes to your well being, or encourages your body to burn the calories, and give you the energy that you need to get you through the day. Following the food guide is hard and only eating what you really need is very hard but does have its benefits.

Cooking is not something I enjoy doing. I prefer the kind of cooking where I can preheat the oven, put the food on a tray, stick it in the oven, set a time and walk away and do whatever it is that I would prefer to be doing.

You do you. If you love cooking all the power to you. If you don't, that's OK. Find what works for you.

What do you like? What is your favorite meal? What is your favourite recipe? Is there a specific website that you like going to for new reccipes? Do you have a favorite creator of food? What is your favorite TV show about cooking?

I think breakfast for dinner is the best meal of the day! Do you agree?

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