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Writing about it!

How do you keep track of the things that you are going? Do you keep a calendar either electronically, wall calendar or even in a notebook?

If you keep you calendar in a notebook do you tend to try and make it look just the way you want it to?

Lately, maybe due to it being the new year, I am finding a lot of articles and videos about making resolutions, goals and different ways of keeping track of them.

I am also finding a lot of things about trying to do morning pages. That is where as soon as you can after getting up every morning is taking the time to just write down thats on your mind. If gives you the time to really focus on the things that you really need to focused on.

Do you also do any sort of dream boards? There are many different ways to do that and the important part is to just stay true to what ever it is that you want. Your dream boards can have any number of things including pictures, quotes and many different things.

If you do journal or keep a notebook of any reason or have a calendar, how much effort do you keep in making it look the way that is perfect!

Do you draw? Do you know how to do calligraphy? Are you more of a computer person and want everything on your computer and synced to your phone that you can access at an time.

Personally, I do like to keep some notes for myself with actual paper but I honestly to keep everything on my computer. It is easy to add new things, readjust and just format the way that I want. I can change fonts and colours, create boarders and really make it look the way that I want it to look. I am able to to really make it look the way that I want to make it look. I am a crafty person but not with drawing. It's not what I am best at.

Let me know if you like keeping things on your computer or in a notebook? I believe its more about doing some routines. Making sure that certain rooms or surfaces get cleaned on certain days of the week or when I am doing another mundane activity like laundry. I think that if you make routines for yourself, everything that you want to accomplish will happen.

If you want to read more, make the routine of reading in bed before going to sleep. If you want to clean the bathroom more (because who really does at the end of the day!) then every time you do laundry clean the bathroom. Or every week end you must clean surfaces that are used often like the vanity or kitchen.

If you want to write more then make the time at the start or end of your day to do so to either set up your day or to reflect on the day.

If you do not need to keep track of your trackers, morning pages, keep track of your goals or have a dream board or what ever it may be for you (or not for you) thats amazing. Make sure that you are happy at the end of the day and you are living your best life!

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