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Are You Distracted by Your Phone?

In today's life its easy to get easily distracted and be on your phone at all times. Everything is literally at your finger tips at all times. You no longer need to wonder, wait till you get home or wait to a more appropriate time, you can easily do and know what ever you wanted at all times. All arguments can be easily settled by getting to know the right answer.

It seems that instead of just going out for dinner with friends & family is no longer just enough. You need to be playing a game as well or finding that actor's name (which is ever so important!).

Some parents are getting their kids used to having a screen at such a young age that just to keep them quiet in public you just hand them your phone. Yes kids fuss sometimes and I am not a parent but I know that there is nothing to be worried or embarrassed about. I have been with screaming and restless kids before and trust me its OK.

I am a victim of being on my phone while I should be paying attention to the people that I am with. Some times the little distraction is nice but is always unnecessary after everything is done.

I tend to hear from some people online that you should not look at your phone for X amount of time after and before you go to bed or try not going on any social media for a certain time. I think that may be a great idea if you want to do that and if you feel that you have a problem with your phone but I think that it just takes you away from being on autopilot and make a conscious opinion of what you want to be doing at that time.

Do you think that one of the reasons why kids and some adults have short attention spans is that they games and shows they do on phones tend to be really short? I'm not sure but I know that alot of the videos that I watch do not last longer then 10-15 minutes and that could be why for me.

At the end of the day I do try to stay off my phone to make sure that I have accomplished everything that I wanted to do that day. I do have alot of games saved on my phone and instead of playing games on my phone I am trying to get back into playing games on my systems. Do I feel that I am to distracted by my phone? Yes. Do I need to put it away? Probable. I just feel that i need to more turn off the TV and start doing other things. I'm not 100% what I will be doing instead of watching TV and being on my phone but I guess that's part of the fun! I bet more things will get done that I haven't been doing lately but want to be doing!

Time is of the essentence. You only have one life, don't let yourself get distracted by the small things in life!

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