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Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Technology really makes things in life a lot easier to accomplish, even if it is not going outside. On days like today when its very snowy and cold, I personally do not want to go out and drive any where and know that it is just simpler to stay inside all day. Ordering food, groceries and personal items has never been easier. Is it harmful to stay inside all day? We have lots of windows in our apartment and it gets a deep clean at least once a week so we are not dirty people in the slightest. Even if I do go out to some stores, with self check outs I don't even need to speak to anyone. Some have even taken to putting and leaving their headphones on.

Technology can have the adverse affect as well. What if you were sick, bed redden, or had mental health issues and couldn't get out of the house? Having a camera or access to the outside world could be very helpful. Recently I watched a video on line where in Japan at a test cafe, they had these robots that would come up to your table, take your order through a tablet and leave. The people controlling these robots or at least speaking through them were people who have ALS. A disease that shuts done your body gradually. Having this technology is really helpful to them. They can lead full lives through technology. They can work, shop, and just be some where that is not trap indoors. I believe that this is a great idea and a thing to have.

Technology like this can be treated in quite a few different ways. It can be great, letting those who can't get outside regularly or really at it can be very helpful. Simply getting our elderly more out there is something that is a challenge right now, but could also solve a lot of first timers out there getting used to what is really happening. On the adverse side, never having to leave your house for whatever reason can be damaging. Just not going out just for a walk or being outside for any reason can have long term damaging effects.

How far are you willing to go with technology? I would like to think that at one point in life that, if I deem it to be easier, to maybe free up more of my time to do the things that really matter in life, is to get my groceries and personal items delivered to me, so after they are put away I can go hang out with friends, exercise or go to the movies! I know that I can get services right now to clean my house or do my laundry, some of them may even do a better job of it then myself but right now thats not really the point. Having a personal assistant isn't really going to solve the problem either but can be nice at times. The thought of going out and doing something like hanging out with friends instead of going to the shops for a reason thats not fun or doing household activities like cleaning and laundry can be done by someone who isn't me would be fabulous!

What do you think about technology? Is it for the better? Having a fully automatic society does have its benefits and negatives as well. What would be easier to control?

At the end of the day I think technology definitely is encouraging people to be alone, having most things that you would ever want being able to get to you in 30 minutes or less is very appealing but definitely does take out all other forms of human contact. Is it worth it?

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