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Editing is very important. It is sometimes the difference between expressing your self in a professional way or in a very stupid way.

We all want to be presented in a way thats very positive and professional which does require a lot of work to be able to do it. You are always editing your material to make sure you are being presented in a very good manner. Grammar is also important. It can mean the different of various meanings that you are trying to convey.

What if you think editing your work isn't necessary. That you write, take pictures or videos or post in such a manner that you do not need to do it? Is there always a reason to go over your work? Is there always corrections that need to be made? There is always room for improvement but do you really need to edit your work to really get there? Is there a time frame for bring forth better material and is how much you edit your work and get edited by others the best or fastest way to get there? Criticism is necessary in life and so is improving what it is that you are doing.

You can also go to one extreme where you could say that you can over edit videos, pictures, blog posts where you can manipulate what is actually going on in real life. With social media these days its hard to know what is really reality and what is fake. Is every day of your life and every meal that you are eating really so exciting and presented to you in such a great fashion? Do you really find that making your meals for the day look so picture perfect really is worth it? If you have the money to go out for all of your meals, do they always come out to you in a really fabulous manner? How do you get the money to purchase this? I would like to know due to that is something that I would like to manifest in my life as well.

Actually living your best life and having a page on the internet that represents that are 2 completely different things and others opinions don't matter at the end of the day, but moving forward does matter. Diversifying does seem like what needs to happen to make your life seem successful in life.

How often do you edit or do touch ups on yourself and products that you portray. How things are phrased is differently one thing but still, how you are presented is a lot of the problem. People do sum you up in 20 seconds, the same could be said for your online present.

How far is to far when it comes to editing? Is there ever enough editing you can really do? How little is to little? Can you over edit so much that people would not know who you were if they were to just see you in real life? Is portraying an made online or on paper that you can not portray in real life really the point? Is editing a form of being fake? What are your thoughts on the subject. Is there a fine line that you need to follow between not doing enough and over doing it? Is being professional a subjective thing? What is something that we can do all agree on with editing and professionalism?

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