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Can Music Really Change Your Outlook?

Can music change our outlook on life? Does it make for good therapy? Do children who learned an instrument as a child preform better as adults? Can listening to a song change your mood? Can you really different point of view after listening to a song?

I have often have wondered how important music really is. I do have my favourite artist, playlist and radio stations as well as go to songs but they do not always work. I do earn to have more variety in my life then TV and I do think music can help out a lot.

I do think music does have a bit of help in such situation and can defiantly change things up through out the night.

Podcast are also a different option to be listening to as well.

I never understood those types of people where all they wanted to do, in an overall generalized manner, is listening to music and spend their night on the computer doing the things that they are doing. They work on their playlist and look into new and different artist to listen to.

I do like to go on my subscription services and listen to playlist that have been creating for myself already with artist that I know that I like with artist that I don't know but I do not consider that going out of my way to look into new people. Subscription services are very good for this type of thing I guess, it has encouraged me to look into new people. What do you think? Do you find that having a paid service has helped you in anyway to find new artist?

Music is wonderful and it can help a lot. Yes there has been a time or two when on my way home from work and I have the radio on and a song has come one and has really helped out. I am not quite certain if having music in my life more then I do now may really help out.

Do I think music can really change your outlook? For the most part yes I do. I really think that there is multiple benefits in having music around and learning an instrument. Can I have music more in my life? I certainly think it would make me make more conscious decisions to do things in my day to day life.

Having a noise machine or a play list that plays nature sounds is always helpful to me. It does help with the ambient of the mood that I am trying to establish. Having peaceful tones is helping way to start and end the day. Having soft music going on instead of the hustle and bustle of the every day can make for a more relaxed life. Having a relax music can promote relaxation through out the day.

Does music helped you in the past? How do you think it can help? What are the ways that you use music to better your life? Do you agree with me? Does music represent you on your sleeve? How does music change your outlook?

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