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Do you like School?

Do you like school? Do you succeed with school? Are you a natural student? Do you prefer to do full time studies or part time studies? Do you succeed doing more online correspondence school or in class room schooling? Do you prefer doing a co-op while in school or not? How important do you think school is? Do you think that it is part of getting a great career? Are night classes better or classes during the day? How does school affected your life?

School is important especially when you are young. As you get older, classes and certifications get more important. As you advance in your career, do you find that the things that you end up doing in ways of education become more and more specific to that company and are not transferable to a lot of other positions?

I was never a fantastic student in school but I did pass all of my classes. I went to post secondary and it was very a typical but very important part of life.

I am not working in the field that I went to school for but I am considering going back to school. I would want to do school on-line as well as doing a co-op but I do not think that there is an option for that. My problem is that I would need to pay for things like rent, internet/phone, groceries and other such things while in school so I would still need to work on a full-time basis.

I am at a cross roads in a way. I could take one career path and go back to school to get this position or take another career path and learn how to do things all on my own. I could in time potentially if I wanted get schooling for the second career path but I am unconvinced if it would be beneficial if I can make the career work without the school. Being self taught in anything is something to be said in itself.

Many benefits and options to going to school. Some pros could be the knowledge, networking/relationships, projects that get you out of your comfort zone and explore things you never would have considered before, materials that you would have never had the opportunity to work with before to name a few. Some cons could be the price just to get into the program, the materials that you would need to start up the program to be successful at it (i.e knives for a chef, computer for a program, camera for a photographer), location of where the school is located, late hours to be able to get it all done.

At the end of the day, with or without school as long as you are doing something you are going to more ahead then you are now. There is always going to be pros and cons to any situation no matter what you end up doing. The choice is really there, what career path do I want to make for myself, go to school again and try to make that career path work or try and make my self taught career path work?

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