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TV vs. Books

What is TV or books to you? Are you someone who doesn't watch a lot of TV or read a lot of books? If you are someone who doesn't watch a lot of TV or read a lot of books, what is it that you do with your time?

I am all about conscious living and that it's more about the experience then it is about the final product. But is one better then the other?

I do believe that the book is always better then the TV show or the movie but I do not always take the time to read the books. Yes the show has inspired me to read the books but I think that its just the times we live in. As a child to get me more interested in reading yes I was giving famous books but that also has helped it out a lot. I am what you would call a bandwagon reader, at the end of the day if I am taking time away from TV and actually reading a book 100% through even if it is one book every other year, that is something.

I can say that I do not want to be watching as much TV as I do now but I do not have any ideas on what I would do with my time without TV. I find that with TV it allows you to excuse away your time with not getting anything out of it. With reading you can always say you got a much better story out of it and well you read a book and not X amount of TV,

I have put forth the argument before that if you take 2 and a half hours out of your night, every night you could read a book on average every week to week and a half.

The point is the average Canadian watches 3-5 hours of TV a night. If it takes you 2 minutes to read 2 pages then it would take 2 hours and 40 minutes to read 75 pages. In 1 week if you read 75 pages a night, you will have a read 1 book in 1 week. The point is the more you read the faster you will become at it and the more time you can spend getting back into your TV programs instead of splitting your even equaling between TV and books.

I find that book stores are offering books at a discounts now by offering 3 for $15 or 5 for $20 etc. and thrift stores do have 50% off days so getting books at a discount that are new and old are available to you, just need to learn about them.

I do think we need to get away from TV. People of yesteryear and our parents don't necessarily need TV, they went out and did their own things instead of TV. You don't need TV but it is certainly nice to have around.

What do you think that we should do, gravitate more towards reading more or consuming more TV? What do you prefer reading more or watching TV?

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