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The 4 Day Work Week

What do you think would provide the best productivity for people at work? Do you think that there is a way to increase productivity with out it subsiding down the road? Do you think that having the 4 day work week will solve things in the long term?

There is a holiday almost every month and the odd time there is 2 holidays in one month. I think that in the long run having a 4 day work week is what we should be striving for in the long run. We already do this regularity.

My theory is that based on all the previous positions that I have had that there are times either through out the day or days of the week that are slower then others so having not to come in for a certain day of the week or taking an extra long lunch break could really be beneficial. If I was working 10 hours instead of 8 hours in the day, well taking an extra coffee break throughout the day would be great way to break up the day.

Ultimately I believe that having a 3 day weekend would increase productivity and decrease stress in the work place. Not that I need more time to do what I need to do or would like more time off, its just something different that we havne't tried out yet.

Sometimes I feel that we should look at other cultures and see what they do to live longer and replicate what their work places look like.

Having an extra long weekend every weekend would be something great that would give people the opportunity to get out and go for mini vacations to where ever that they want to go.

At the end of the day working 8am to 6pm and say having it be every other week were I could have either Monday or Friday off to go out to do what I want to be doing! For right now 5 days of 8 will have to do.

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