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80% Nutrition 20% Exercise

It is a new day a new you. Each day is the start of your new diet. Every day is a new day with no mistakes in it, take advantage of that. Is it really all about 80% what you are eating and 20% exercise?

I believe that everyone knows that person or persons who are the 'gym rats' or a habitual dieter. Failure to plan is planning to fail. Always put your research into everything. What works for me may not work for you. Don't make excuses for yourself to get out.

Make realistic plans for yourself. If you know that you are going to a big dinner tonight then plan around that. You can still have calories to survive the day. You do not need to over eat just due to what is considered to be a bigger dinner.

If you know that you can only go to the gym right now on a regular basis once a week for about an hour then plan on that. Don't focus on the fact that you want to go 3 times per week and that you are not, you can get there.

Never set yourself up for failure. You will make some bad decisions and you will make mistakes but it's all about what you are taking from it. It is never about the fact that you are going it and then you failed, fell or messed up its about the fact that you are doing it again, getting back up and doing it slightly different from last time.

There is a theory out there that with successful weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight loss is that it is a direct comparison between 80% what you are eating and 20% exercise.

Yes you can eat food's that work for you and participate in workouts that make you sweat more but it's more about being consistent with what you are doing to accomplish the goal.

In my experience, get really specific (and realistic) with what you want to be doing is the best way to go about it. Meal plan if you have to, plan out your week. Get to know what is possible for you and what is not (really just getting back to the point if you know you can only get to the gym once this week then focus on that instead).

Does what you really eat really matter? Well I think it really all depends on how you eat. I certainly have room for improvement.

I think that after a few months of doing the same thing you need to change things up slightly due to the fact that my body is getting used to the foods that I am eating and the exercise that I am giving it that it gets so use to it that I need to change up what I am doing to continue to loose weight and eat better!

Do I think that theory's like the 80/20 rule get broken on a regular basis? Yes?

Don't get discouraged. Find something that works for you. Find the theory or rule that works for you. Everyone's body and person is different, treat it as such.

Eating and exercising will always go hand in hand with each other. It all depends on you on how it is purposed.

Let me now what works best for you!

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