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Do You Have A Collection?

Do you have a collection? What do you collect? Did you have a collection as a child so you tend not to do that as an adult? Do you collect things thinking that at some day they will have a greater value then what you purchased them for? Do collections have value in today's society? Do you think that collections or collectable are a thing that should be left in the 1990's and early 2000's?

Not to say that I don't have collections now but for me it was something I did as a child. I am now slowly working on getting rid of things. I used to think that having a lot of stuff is meaningful. You can tell that I have a lot of money or status in life just based on the things that I have. Thinking about it really, it all depends on which friend, family member or person thinks what has value if they think what I have is actually of any value at all.

Is perspective really everything? Is everything really subjective? Is everything of value if you just wait long enough? Do things really come in fazes or on a wave that if you don't take advantage at the right moment you loose out and potentially may never be able to get the same amount of money for it then at that moment in time? At some point will of the collections that we have become obsolete to the point where the only value that they have is to that person or in a landfill? Should we be teaching our young to have a collection of things?

We all value different things in life and go about our life's in different ways. I do try and take the more conscious effort to make better decisions when I purchase things so that way things don't 'take up space' in my home. I have always hated dusting through out my life. I think the reason for not like it is that I have lots of collections that are tiny and multiple. It takes time taking them off of the shelve, swiping down the shelf, wiping down each object as I put them back on the shelf on a regular basis as such a task. When I realized that I could get rid of these things and didn't need to have them or just put them in a box and the closet for a latter time, it was really revealing. Each time now that I go and put things back on the shelf I get rid of one thing. This way each time I go and do it, I am getting rid of something that I clearly do not want, creating less work for a task that I do not want to be doing in the first place, I creating more of a desired area and giving things to someone that really would like it more then I do.

Do you think that surrounding yourself around people who do not value having collections is the right way to go about your business in not having a collection? What do you think is the right way to go about this issue?

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