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What is Your Greatest Snail Mail Story?

In our digital society today it seems that the only thing we get in the regular, old fashioned, snail mail these days is packages of products that we purchased online.

When was the last time you received a card in the mail let alone in person? In my life the card was been replaced with the postcard type of thing with pictures of the family and date. Issuing and receiving a cards or things in the mail is the thing of the past, in my opinion. If you want updates and promotions on a specific company you will get their newsletter sent to your email.

How often do you check your mailbox? If you do not wish to receive flyers and you are not expecting any packages any time soon do you really need to check your mail box that week? I feel that I almost of to clean up my inbox almost everyday. Some times it is hard, making sure you check your emails regularly at work I almost don't want to do it all the time at home.

Yes I have ordered things online and they never arrived and I couldn't get my money back but that really isn't the point now is it! I have also waited six months for something that was in stock when I ordered it. I think that is my 'craziest snail mail' story that I have. The second one would be that I waited four months for something that said it was in stock when I ordered it. I still have no idea if I use them more because I waited so long for them to arrive or just because I wanted them that much. I have owned these items for years.

What is your best story of getting things in the mail? Do you get things in the mail? How does it make you feel when you receive something in the mail that is unexpected? If someone sends you a hand written card do you return the favour? Do you wish that we sent things more often? How often do you check your mailbox?

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