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What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I have heard that once you make/earn a lot of money people come out of the wood work and that once you tend to purchase those choice things then the normality runs out.

I defiantly would have a few things to purchase first but I would invest as much as I could.

I would not be looking forward to having people coming out of the wood work. I would try and help people out but if you teach some one to help them self at the same time they can learn from the experience.

Would you keep working if you won the lottery?

I would keep working until I had invested enough money until I could live off of the interest.

I do not need to live fancy. I would purchase a piece of property but I do have the knowledge to know that yes I have the money know but the property taxes and the up keep of the property could end up costing me more then it is actually worth. I do want building security but do not want to know that I have neighbours despite having neighbours.

Would you go on vacations?

Well yes going on vacation is nice and fun but you don't want to over do it. Sure in a few choice places there will be fantastic places to stay but at the same time stay at hostels or rent a place that it is there. Live with the people as much as you can and try their quinine. Try to make a few dishes yourself if you can.

Winning the lottery is a great thing especially when it is a large amount of money but money isn't everything and doesn't keep it's value over time. Try and keep a hold of it for as long as it can.

Winning the lottery is a great thing to dream about but isn't something that will happen in reality a large amount of the time. Sometimes just winning a couple of dollars is just the thing that you need! Have fun with your attempts at winning!

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