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Would You Rather Work From Home or in an Office?

If you could decide to work from home or to work out of the home such as an office which would you prefer? Both have their benefits but which is best for you?

I would defiantly prefer to work from home. If I didn't have to wake up to an alarm and could ease into my mornings I think I would do a lot better. I would make a deal out of doing breakfast every morning, maybe go out or cook at home, but it would be a thing every morning.

Working from home, I could take breaks when I wanted to and essentially be working all day. The work didn't necessarily have to be done between certain hours of the day. I could plan work around my day. If I needed to get things in my personal life I would never have to plan around working hours and having to deal with longer lines on the weekends.

I would never have to use the extended hours I could just do things first thing in the morning.

Working from home provides a more flexible schedule where anything is possible. Of course there will always be the stigma that due to working from home that you are available 24/7 to visit or to work. There will always be the not understanding people in your live that simply won't get that you have work to do at a certain time (potentially a certain routine) to get things done and you can not always tend to every beck and call.

Having the structure of being in an office can be quiet nice as well. You can leave for the day and leave the nonce some where that isn't your home. You must get your work done in certain hours and then are able to have more or a different kind of free time. You must get up to an alarm be somewhere consistence at a certain for a certain amount of hours. You will have to work out life services around the hours that you work. If you have to go to the doctors or dentist? Then you must do it at a time that could be inconvenient.

Having to get ready for the day and leave can bring a sense of pride or well being to you as well. I can understand the importance of getting out of the house but if you worked for yourself you could also find places that have access to the internet to do your work as well.

Setting your own hours or just having a postilion at home can be quiet nice. Having the flexibility to constnetly be on your own schedule can be quiet appleing.

I find that in both situations there can be a bit of bleed through with position worros but at the end of the day, it is something that you do need to do and gets better with time with more experience.

If you could work from home, what would the postion be? If you could work for yourself, what would you do? If you could 100% work for yourself at home how long would you do it for? Would you want to work at home or in an office long term? If you could do your current postitison some how at home would you? What is the perfect job to you?

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