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How Do You Archive Your Life?

How do you archive your life? Do you have plenty of pictures? Do you post your pictures online? Do you print them off? Do you put your photos in a scrapbook or a photo album? How often do you go through your photos? Are you a more video person? Do you like editing your media? How far do you go to get that picture or video? Do you keep a journal? Do you keep a scrapbook of things instead of pictures? Do you have a keep sake box?

There is many ways to keep track of your life. No need to remember anything when you can just take a picture or tuck it away.

You can make a living keeping track of your life as well tracking other peoples lives. It is a very unique world we live in. Keeping things digitally does keep thing neater. You can always delete things. It is harder to get rid of physical things.

Hording things isn't what keeps the memories there. You might forget a thing or two here or there but that is quiet normal. Keeping an item isn't what keeps the memory. You remember that birthday or special event due to it happening not due to the photos that items from it.

Do you pay for any on line services to store your memories? Do you have a storage unit for all of your physical memories? Do you need a bigger house or have rooms filled with things that you do not need? Which do you prefer having digital memories or physical memories? What do you want to have done with all of your physical things when you die? What do you plan to pass on to your realities? How do you know who wants what of your stuff? If you prefer digital memories, do they need to be posted on line or on social media?

How much is to much stuff? Do you participate in any online challenges to get rid of items? How important is it to you to have saved memories?

What ever it is that you find to be the best way to archive your life and save it is the right way to do that. It is very different for everyone. You find the best way to archive your life.

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