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Getting Things Done

How do you get things done? Do you need to calendar block? Do you know that things just need to get done and so you just do it? Do you make list for yourself? How productive is productive? Does everything that you set out for yourself to get done today always get done? What happens when you don't get everything done? What happens when thins do not get done? When things get do you just keep adding to the list to get things done? Do you have a life administrative day to get all the little details that you do not necessarily want to deal with out of the day? Are things better when you get them done with an application or in your own hand? How do you track things?

There are many different ways to get things done and many ways to keep track of them. Everyone is different, there may be a learning process to figure out what works best for you.

I work at a position where I can not be on my phone but I can email myself things to do. I sometimes like using the calendar feature in my phone due to it having an alarm and when I complete it I can check it off and it disappears. I prefer to keep a notepad close by when I work to write the things down that need to get done.

I usually find that I will get started on my list of things to do, i get distracted and I end up doing other things that I didn't know that I needed to get done or write down but still then needed to get completed. I find that I end of doing so many things that are not on the list that at the end of the night when I get back to my list of things to do, half the things are not even completed (not that it is all necessary to get done tonight) but I have gotten things done. I make sure all of the things that that I need to get done are done ultimately.

Whether it gets done in the timing that you wanted or not at all what do you do to make sure this type of thing doesn't continue in the future?

How important is the 'why' factor in what you are doing? Does something need to happen if you do not get things done? Is the life consequences enough to keep you going? Should you put consequences in place for not completing the tasks that you have set out for yourself? If you reward yourself for doing a great job and getting things done then should something negative happen if you do not get something done?

Motivation is a very powerful thing. Experiment with everything that you can, find the right grove that works for you. Not everything will work at first but there is always something that will. You do you and never give up.

All things are possible if just believe.

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