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How Real Are You on Social Media?

We live in a great day in life where we can be connect with everyone at any time of day! Social media can also bring stress and anxiety.

I do not really have social media myself. I prefer to play video games over seeing what others are doing. I am the story, I am to busy living it to really be concerned with what other people are doing. I do have some and do like to gossip though.

How much time do you spend on social media? What is the best thing to look for while you are using it? Do you like to setting a new status? Is taking pictures and posting them really so important? How real is social media?

I sometimes hear stories from friends who use social media on a regular basis about comments that they or others have made, things people post etc. The internet is forever. Some times I have to remind myself and friends that if you would not say that to someones face then why are you doing it on social media?

What is the 'twitch' like for you? When ever you hear a notification from your phone how quickly do you need to respond? How often do you look for new things on social media?

How easy is it to not be yourself when you are on social media? Do you have fake accounts where you can be someone else and that is part of the fun? Is taking the time to be the other persona really fun? Something that you really want to be doing?

Always be careful of what you post online.

It does not matter how real you are on social media as along as you are being the best person you can be.

Have you ever done a challenge where you did go on social media for a certain amount of time? Was it worth it? Is it something that you need to consider to be doing?

Has social media changed your life for worse or better? If you could go back in time to change something would you? Which side of the fence are you on, social media is great or I just do not prefer it?

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