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Material vs. Digital Properity

As we are ever moving forward, is it better to have material things or to have everything digitally?

We all find value in different things. Interest change and collections always go up and down in value.

Is it worth completing a collection when in the future it may not be of any value? I guess that is always the chance that you take when you take on any collection.

Is it worth getting an e-reader or tablet verses always getting books? You can always get a library card or ask friends and family to borrow books. If I find value in it then I must keep it but who knows in a couple of years if I will be keeping that particular series. I am not going out of my way to complete any series but if I am there then I will do it.

I do have e books but I do not utilize them as much as I should. I do prefer actually books at this time but that is more to not having the proper set up for e books. I do know that I would like to change to e books in the future, I will get an e reader. My book collection has gone down and it will more likely shrink in the future but until then who knows.

That is just an example in my life where I do enjoy the material property over digital.

Pictures and video on the other hand. Keep digitally. It's easier to edit them and keep them in one general area. I can create scrape books easier and well cutting down on paper is always a good thing. Doing things on line can make things look more professional and can create skills that are transferable to the work place.

Moving is always a task that does need to be done every once in a while and having things more on the digital side can make it easier. Traveling is always also another asset to having more digital property. Less things that you have to worry about and literary take with you.

I have always like the look of the rooms in magazines and on TV make over shows. What is in common with all of these things? They are all pretty minimal. If you were to take a look at rooms from the 1950's or 1960's they did not have a lot of possessions. The ability to get more and to have more is a lot easier now and the attitude to 'keep up with the Jones' has changed with it. Having things hidden in plain sight is always a way to get hide the things that you do not seen but you do use or need on a regular basis. It is a goal of mine to have to have my home look like it came out of a magazine. Life goals!

Everyone is different. What side of the fence do you side on? Would you rather have lots of material property or have more digital property? What do you value in your life more, things or the more 'high society' look?

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