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What Are Your TV Habits?

TV is a very vital part of our society. It feels that there are always a group of people who are into a popular show and always talk about it every where that you go.

Do you watch a lot of TV? How many services to you pay for to watch TV? If you do not watch TV, what do you do instead of watching TV?

I grew up with only having two channels. I did have 'bunny ears' in order to receive these channels. Some times we would get three channels but the third channel wouldn't come in that great and it was a french station. I am not sure if it was where we lived but sometimes over the radio I could get this on station over the radio, which is weird but some times normal for me.

Due to not having a whole lot of TV I did not watch cartoons growing up. A lot of the kids that I know growing up would watch cartoons before going to school. I would read the 'funnies' in the news paper before going to school, and I was happy! If you were one of those kids growing up who would watch TV before going to school, do you still do that today before you go to work? It doesn't necessarily have to be cartoons but just watch TV before going anywhere?

When you get up in the morning say on a day off what is one of the first things that you will do? How many hours a day do you spend watching TV? Is the TV on just for back ground noise as you do other productive things in your life?

I once figured out that if it takes you 2 minutes to read a page in a book and if you read 75 pages a night it would take 2 hours and 40 minutes to read. If you read 75 pages a day then in 2 weeks you will have read an avearge size book. Most people watch 2-5 hours of TV a day. By cutting down your TV watching in half every day you could be reading instead. Best of both worlds.

How late at night do you stay up and watch TV? How important is it to stay caught up with all the current TV? Do you find that when the most current episode of that popular TV show is out that you must stay up and watch it before going into work or your where ever so that it does not get ruined for you? What are the lengths that you will go to to watch TV? How important is TV to you? Could you just give TV up right now if you had to? How many services do you pay for to watch TV? Do you need to have TV on to be able to go to sleep at night?

How important is TV really? do you find that it is necessary in your every day living? Is it something that you make time for and want to be doing? How often do you mold your life around TV or just a certain show?

Habits are pretty easy to make but hard to change. Is there anything about how you watch TV that you would life to change?

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