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How Materialistic Are You?

It seems that everyone is getting on the minimalism train and going through their possessions according to the popular trend that is going on. With the ability to 'binge' watch videos on the subject it is easy to get motivated to get rid of things or even 'binge' by getting rid of all of your things at one time.

It's silly all the things that is kept and never gets thrown out. Keeping things just because isn't really a good enough to keep things. There is a few different ways to get rid of things and to determine what is really important to actually keep.

Whether you live in a house, apartment, tiny place or a vehicle of some sort it is easy to keep things longer then what you need to. I find the best way to not hold on to things that you don't really need to is to constantly go through things.

Having choice and options is always nice but it can make it super difficult to make a decision. You only really only use few things at one time, everything else is just not necessary.

How much do possessions really matter?

I am not saying that you need to get rid of all of your things right now or the amount of things that you have matters, more so, do your possessions really matter? Does having name brand things really worth the price tag it comes with?

To me yes sometimes paying the price tag for some items really does say the quality of the product(s) but for the most part I do not agree with it. For example having a Prada, Guici or Lu Lu Lemon really isn't worth the price tag. To me it's more the name that you are purchasing. The quality of the products are there but it's not needed to pay that amount of money to get the same quality.

How important is it to you to have things?

Life is a house but how much of your stuff really matters? Have you ever had to go through someones things after they pass away? How much of those items actually get kept? How much of those person's possessions get taken to the local thrift shop?

Things usually mean more to you then they do to someone else. Make your self envious of what you have.

Try not to 'clutter' up other peoples homes. It is good to get rid of things and to donate things and to help others out but do not transfer things from your place to someone else's to b on the 'safer' side of things, getting things back can always be purchased again.

Do you hoard things? How often do you go through your storage closet? How often do you go through your things? Do you really need all of these things? Do people really think better of you due to you having things? Are people really thinking better of you because you own stuff? Do you feel that having things makes you better? Does having all of these things really enhances your life? How much does other peoples opinion really matters? How materialist are you?

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