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Under What Conditions Do You Do Your Best Work?

If you had a choice in what you could do in life, choose how you worked, the hours that you wanted to work and what you actually did on a regular basis would you be to be productive enough to make enough money to survive?

Are you able to work from home? Can you go to the local coffee shop and work? Do you need absolute silence to work or do you need to have something going on in the background? Can you work on your own or do you need to have someone around to keep you more accountable for your time?

Do you need the socializes of having co workers or do prefer to be alone and get things done?

Working is something that everyone does. Not to say that it is something that you should or could avoid in life, I mean even people who live on the streets have to work to get the few coins that they get every day and work to find the perfect place to sleep every night. Work is a great thing that you can grow and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Everyone is different and has goals in what they want to be doing in their life which is perfectly acceptable. Some people like working with their hands, working outside, doing crafts or working in an office.

What are your end goals for what you want to be doing with your life? Do you have plans for making or find your perfect job?

Do you think that there is a perfect job for everyone? Is there something out there for everyone?

Is there conditions or terms that you must have when you go into every position that you do have. When you start a new position do you negotiate what is going or will to happen? What are the things that make you say no to a position?

Your work station, is it something that is clean and tidy or something that is completely chaos?

I am someone who needs to have a really tidy area and I am working on making minimalist everything to make it work. I find that not having a lot of things around does make me feel more productive and accomplished when I start and end my work day. I do enjoy having a separate area of where I work and where I live my life. There is always a time to work and there is always a time and a time to play. I do believe that self control is also something that does help out with it.

Success can be defined in many different area's. I once believed that success meant that I could purchase myself lunch everyday while I was at work. Now I believe that success is something more where I work for myself out of my home doing virtual assistant type things, writing articles or opinion pieces, creating crafts to sell on on-line stores, essentially taking the time to work for myself. Yes I will not have benefits and I would need to get my own insurance in case of emergency but I would rather be by myself doing what needs to get done in the day.

What conditions are work best for you? What works best for you? Do you feel what is best for you? What makes you excel the best? What are you doing to make the best work conditions a real reality?

Find what works best for you and and go get it and make it real for you! Work for the right conditions for you!

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